The music lab and the audio productions.

Audio Post-Production for video, dubbing and more.

New! – The Video post.


These are the main studio services categories

Tam Tam Studio Recordings, puts at your disposition all the best tools, analog and digital, to realize your project

Tam Tam Studio Recordings, now use one of the most innovative link system, Source-Connect, to record talents or send audio contributes across the world!



• 2 Production rooms, 2 tracking rooms, and relaxation facilities on 150 sq/mt
• ProTools HDX 192 KHz rigs
• Main mixing room, acoustically calibrated, is centered around a Avid C|24 mixing console
• A variety of diverse analog custom equipment to complete the set-up: SSL G-MixBus Compressor, 1176 Universal Audio compressors, SSL9000 MicPre, Neve 1173 mic pre, MS Sutera custom quadrapre, Focusrite, STUDER TUBE vintage custom and more.
•Available Monitors: Genelec 1037a, Genelec 5.1 surround, KRK exposé E8B, Mackie HR824 e Yamaha NS10Studio
• LAN network, WiFi
•Our microphones list comprise a large selection of exclusive products some of which are artigianally built only for Tam Tam Studio. Different models and brands (Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, OKTAVA), tubes, solid states, condenser, ribbon or dynamic, small or large capsules to get the right sound.
•Available on request, diverse musical instruments and outboard, including “VINTAGE” stuff

Sonora, music easily.
Are you thinking of music for your documentary, a commercial, or a promotional compilation for your business?
TamTam Studio Recordings, a division of Giurrado Music Publishings, has exclusive access to our music library.
We also offer musical consultant for your audio-video productions.
Using our music, with our knowledge, we can offer to you our services to help you fits better, images with music.
Our services includes:

  • Spotting music to film/documentaries/programmes in support of directors.
  • Editing and mixing music, fx and dialog
  • Creating original music where necessary

With our help, you will easily acquire the music you need; no more, no less.
We bridge the licensing bureaucracies, saving both time and money for you.
Advertising agencies and cinematic agencies worldwide have already used our services.

PARLA. your own language, with your preferred voice.
Creativity and audio-video production (advertising), Tam Tam Studio Recordings offers at advantageous prices, voiceovers, audio-video or multimedia communications.
VOICE-Overs for:

  • ADV
  • Industrial process filming
  • Communications
  • Promotions
  • Answering Machine

Many different languages are available for audio-video productions in:
Italian, English US/UK, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese,  and many others, with native speakers.

Tam Tam Studio Recordings is collaborating with various international studios, to obtain fastest as possible your short-run productions.

Using the most innovative technology to link our clients worldwide.


Tam Tam Studio Recording is the name of our label.

Here you can find all the music and artists produced during last 15 years.


Some of our productions are available in stores, worldwide.
Some in digital, some in analogue format.
Do you want to parts of the catalog available on Spotify?



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